iluminación / lighting

Cedro Lamps


Cedro 20 and Cedro 10 Lamps

Design concept: Cedro is a series of lighting objects entirely made out of wood.

In our search for material we founded out that traditionally, cedar wood has been used for its beauty and its aromatic characteristics. Cedar wood allows you to apply no surface finishes and gains qualities through the time. Applied on this design, the nice and relaxing scent of cedar emanates from the wood, thanks to the warmth of the energy-saving bulb.

The result is environment friendly objects throughout: locally made out of wood from well-managed forests, made to last and be efficient thanks to energy-saving bulbs and easy to recycle at the end of its life.

Table lamps Cedro 10 and Cedro 20 are a boxlike solid wood structure with internal slots, they allow light diffusion.

For Cedro we use CNC technology to produce all components by combining turning and routing processes.


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I like the simplicity of the Cedro 2 lamps, how big are they and what lamps do they take? Also do you have an outlet in the UK?

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