cedro 2014 07

cedro 2014 15 (L)

cedro 2014 14 (S)

cedro 2014 12

cedro 2014 11

cedro 2014 13


Lámpara decorativa perteneciente a la serie Cedro. La fabricación de los componentes combina procesos de torneado y fresado usando control numérico. Su linea sencilla y llamativa la hace encajar en cualquier espacio. Cedro está disponible en madera de roble FSC y en dos medidas:

Grande  Ø9 x h90 cm

Pequeña Ø7,5 x h75 cm


Cedro belongs to a series of lighting objects made entirely out of solid wood.  We use CNC technology to produce all components by combining turning and routing processes. This simple and visually arresting construction makes a perfect piece for any space. The result is an environment friendly object: locally made out of FSC oak – constructed to last and efficient thanks to energy-saving bulbs. Environmentally minded all around.

Cedro is available in two sizes:

Large Ø9 x h90 cm

Small Ø7,5 x h75 cm


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