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As we started to imagine a seat made entirely out of cork, everyone said it was impossible: then we realized we had a challenge to work on. Cork is sustainable, natural, lightweight, quite strong, flexible, warm.. All these attributes make cork a unique material. Corkigami aims to take these properties to the limit, and also refers to the process of making 3D objects from 2D materials. We choose cork as sheet material to make this shell construction simply using this technique.

Strength relies on both flexibility of the shell structure and a special process of lamination using quality cork. This is how we gain the strength for the seat. After lamination, we cut the shape out of the flat material to be able to bend it. Then, we glue it again on a simple curved former.

The shell rests on a solid oak stool, resulting a very attractive design. To protect the cork, we apply water-based varnish suitable for hardwearing surfaces such as cork floors, it is very flexible and makes the chair durable.

Dimensions: h 80 x w 65 x d 65 cm

El corcho es sostenible, natural, ligero, resistente, flexible, cálido… Todas estas cualidades lo convierten en un material único. Cuando empezamos a imaginar un asiento hecho íntegramente de corcho, todo el mundo nos decía que no era posible, así nos dimos cuenta de que teníamos un reto en el que trabajar: ¡Corkigami quiere explotar las propiedades del corcho al máximo!

Partiendo del material en láminas, e inspirados en la técnica del origami, transformamos una forma plana en un objeto tridimensional. Para realizar este proceso con el corcho, utilizamos una técnica especial de laminado, consiguiendo así la resistencia necesaria para un asiento. Una capa de barniz al agua especial para suelos de corcho (flexible) garantiza la durabilidad, protege la superficie y evita el desgaste.

El asiento en concha se monta sobre una estructura de madera de roble, que define de forma atractiva el aspecto final de la silla.

Corkigami aporta valor por su diseño rompedor inspirado por el material.

Dimensiones: Altura 80 x ancho 65 x fondo 65 cm

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sitting on the Corkigami chair


18 replies on “corkigami”

Esa silla va a ser un clásico, enhorabuena!!! Es realmente un diseño excelente, simplicidad, armonía y utilidad…. es un placer mirarla. Está ya a la venta en España?

We are interested for distribution of your cork chair or other products you can design or make in cork for the Asian market We have showroom in Bangkok and are suppliers for hotel,architects and hospitality business.

Looking forward to your reply ASAP.

hi! Is it possible to buy your corkigami here in belgium?
Thanks for request and congretulation for works..

Hola Carlos!
My name is Clemens and I am a student of the higher technical collage for interior and object design in Hallstatt Austria. Your chair really inspired me and i wanted to ask you if it would be possible to get further information’s about the building process. Which cork you were using which glue which oil etc. I hope you reply!

Best greets from Austria,

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