A set of four nested containers made out of laminated cork, which we manufacture ourselves. We also add colour, resulting a very attractive textured material.

A beautiful organic and irregular shape results from the natural flexibility of cork.

Colours: Light green, burgundy, dark blue and grey.

Conjunto de contenedores realizados en corcho laminado, fabricado por nosotros, al que añadimos color, resultando un material de textura muy atractiva.

Muestran una forma orgánica e irregular característica, que viene dada por la flexibilidad natural del corcho.

Colores: Verde claro, burdeos, azul oscuro y gris.

Sizes / Medidas (mm):

jig s Ø130 h150     jig m Ø180 h180     jig l Ø230 h210     jig xl Ø280 h240









Jigs used for prototyping


Jigs used for prototyping.

Plantillas para prototipos

jig prototypes bn

Prototypes / Prototipos

jig sk_02


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